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Default Re: New screen shots of ID's Rage

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
PC version better damn well have a high res texture pack included in the game.
That is pretty much impossible.
The game has already texture sizes ranging from 32kx32k to 128kx128k textures which have GI baked on.

Releasing the game with bigger textures on PC would mean that it would take even more space and that they would re-render them in higher resolution.
Rendering GI for the scene in resolution around 128000x128000 image is not fast.

The lighting is pretty much perfect in the environments and pretty much looks stable without that horrible crawling of light and shadows.
Originally Posted by Viral View Post
To be fair it doesn't look to be anything engine specific that is letting it down. It's more so the usual console limitations rearing its ugly (pun unintended) head. Low res textures are a bi product of multiplatform games.
Considering that there is no console game which has more texture data I do wonder this comment.
Actually I'm pretty sure that only game which games currently close in textures are flight simulators with texture packs.
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