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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by odin20 View Post
Kombustor may hit the ram hard but unless i put on 8xaa it doesnt properly tell me stability.

I use it as a weak guide but thats it, i run heaven 2.0 and then battlefield bad company 2 maxed out to see stability.

The reason i say this is because with my 480's i could run kombustor, metro 2033 etc at 840 core and 2k ram all day long but will crash in heaven 2.0 at the dragon. Then i moved down to 825 core and 2k on the ram and could run heaven, metro 2033 and kombustor with 1.12 volts but i crashed and got a driver stopped responding thing when playing battlefield bad company 2.
So now im down to 815 core and 2k ram on both cards and its totally stable in all environments including battlefield bad company 2.
So im happy (wish i could get 840 back) but one of my cards is not a massive overclocker and thats ok as im only running 1.088 volts now too.
Temps were never my issue as i always stayed under 80 degrees.
Anyway long story short kombustor is good for finding a rough area to start at but not the only thing you need to use when overclocking.
I had something similar happen. I could run kombuster @ 860 core but it would crash at the dragon on the uningine bench.
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