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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Just managed to get the nvidia-bl driver from Mactel Repos working perfect on my arch install. Here's what I needed to do for my Sony Vaio CW (VPCCW27FX -> GT330M):
  1. Downloaded nvidia-bl 0.16.7 from launcpad
  2. Downloaded nvidia-bl pkgbuil (refers to old version). Then copied source from new version over the one in the pkgbuild, and used makepkg -g to generate new md5sum, save that in PKGBUILD, and makepkg to compile the module, pacman -U to install it.
  3. This is the trick, since the driver by default maxes at 127 for my vaio (according to the source). But that was way to dark, I needed to set it 127000 to get full brightness. Likely a bug
  4. so make a file called /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-bl containing the line "options nvidia_bl max_level=127000 shift=7".
  5. The shift=7 reduces the reported brightness enough that KDE PowerDevil will change the brightness. Powerdevil refuses to change brightnesses over 1024, probably due to a HAL limitation. The shift fixes that. If you need a higher max_level, you'll want to increase shift by 1 or 2 (its a division by 2 for each increase).
  6. Either modprobe nvidia-bl or reboot, and SWEET! have screen brightness control with FN keys working. WIN. Thanks everyone that worked on this driver.

Now if only the nouveau drivers worked on this card (stupid EDID in the ACPI). There are patches floating around to make them work, but as far as I know they've only been integrated into FC13. Randr 1.2 and modesetting sure would be nice.
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