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Default Re: Installing nvidia driver on Linux

Originally Posted by NvFuchs View Post
The ubuntu version philosophy is, as already stated, that a version is _not_ updated during a release cycle, only bug fix / minor releases are taken into the official repositories. This applies for all packages, examples are the KDE desktop, the Gnome desktop, OpenOffice, or Mozilla thunderbird (that was the reason as well that there was no official thunderbird 3 for ubuntu karmic, which "forced" users to use unstable third party repos for this, which created tons of problems)

I am not happy with this either, this is why I (despite officially supporting ubuntu) am using a different distribution for myself.

This said, if you are that unhappy with ubuntus package philosophy or ways of handling things, why don't you use one of the dozens of other distributions out there?

Because I really don't think that a small bunch of complaining users will change such a major decision made by canonical. If it would, then a ton of complaining users would have changed decisions like the new "visual design" decision in lucid. However, if you think that complaining helps, go ahead and complain. I recommend you do so at launchpad, which is public _and_ read by official canonical staff.

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I don't have any substitute for Ubuntu unfortunately so can't change, I changed from SuSE and PCLOS and this is what I have settled in, I have been a Linux user since 1999 starting with SuSE and finally since version Hardy, settling permanently for Ubuntu.

Now the question here is that LTS is long term release, many will make it run till next three years so why cripple them with a three year old driver really.

As for complaints, if you go to Ubuntu forums, the video issue is the biggest complaint right now with Lucid, specially the nvidia video issue, updated X PPA would do well for Ubuntu's future, unlike other software, its quite important to keep the latest drivers for video cards, its one of the most important aspects of an OS. Putting up with a 3 year old driver is really not a good prospect really.
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