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Default Quadro FX 1400 OpenGL many issues under Windows 7

I'm finding a lot of OpenGL issues (I think) on Windows 7 (bit) with a Quadro FX1400 card, none of which were present under XP on the exact same card. Same graphics cards, but different motherboards and processors on the two systems: W7 Athlon II 240 on Gigabyte MA785GMT-UD2H, 2GB RAM, WXP Athlon 64 3700+, Asus A8N5X, 1GB RAM. Initially the driver on W7 was identified as, then it was upgraded to the latest and greatest, which on Nvidia's site was 197.59 and showed up once installed as

bzflag 2.0.16, with identical settings on both machines. Initially, before the driver upgrade, on W7 it was just ridiculous, taking a second or so to navigate between entries on the opening menu. (That's right, 1 second to move the cursor up or down one entry.) Upgrading the driver made that program nearly as fast as under WXP, with the one issue that when it exits it blacks the screen for a couple of seconds. With identical settings on W7 it gives 60 FPS, on WXP 71 FPS. So upgrade to a newer OS on faster hardware and lose 15% in performance.

There's a step forward . Really, at least in comparison to the other two programs tested.

Using Swiss PDB Viewer 4.0.1, loaded the PDB file "2r9r" and with "Render in Solid 3D" and "Render in 3D" both off it spins the object about as fast on W7 as on WXP. Set only "Render in 3D" (which I believe is just 3D line drawing through OpenGL) and it is still fast. But set both of these render options on and it crawls on W7. Although it does eventually render an image, it is taking something like 1 second per image on W7. Conversely on WXP in those modes the rendering is only slightly slower than the non3D mode. In plain terms, the program is unusable with space filling representations on W7.

NOC (aka NOCH, can be found on sourceforge) is also a molecular modeling program. It feels a little slower than on W7 but nothing like the problems SPDBV suffers. However, some parts of it just don't work on W7. For instance, the "control panel" sliders don't move in response to clicking on the arrows on their ends.

Is there something that could be set in the nvidia driver to ameliorate some of these issues?
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