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Default Re: asus ul30vt hybrid graphics nvidia g210m card not found

If someone from NVIDIA could please help improve support for the GeForce G210M on the ASUS UL series of computers, it would be greatly appreciated.

I can confirm that changing the BIOS configuration on an ASUS UL30VT makes the G210M graphics card usable, though at the same time it seriously degrades the I/O performance of the hard drive. More to the point, I upgraded to a SSD drive with which Linux will typically boot in less than 4 seconds, but with this BIOS configuration the boot phase increases to a whopping 27 seconds. A similar degradation occurs when awaking from standby.

Again, could someone from NVIDIA provide some input into the matter? At the moment, I have absolutely no idea what causes the problem with the driver when SATA operation is not worsened.

Specific instructions on how to change the BIOS configuration:
  1. Start the computer and press F2 to enter the BIOS Setup Utility
  2. Select Advanced > IDE Configuration > SATA Operation Mode
  3. Change the configuration from Enhanced to Compatible

This is applicable to version 210 (2010/03/11) of the BIOS. The description for this configuration provided by the BIOS Setup Utility is:
Select "Compatible" to set serial ATA channel at IDE mode for OS not supporting NATIVE SATA controller like Windows XP & 2000 or it will run into BSOD when installing WIndows.
All problems are applicable to the nvidia-current Debian package version 195.36.15-0ubuntu2 and 195.36.24-0ubuntu0sarvatt2.

Finally, this was tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, kernel version 2.6.32-22-generic.

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