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Default Re: GTX 470 or HD 5870?

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
You play a lot of AoC, yes?

I've compared the 470 and 5870 @ stock in that title.

Here's a very demanding wide shot near Kesh, 4xAA|16xAF all on or enabled/max @ 1920x. I use DX9 because 10 is somewhat buggy regardless of card used.

470 = 42FPS

5870 = 36.6FPS

Both are well above the 30FPS threshold and perfectly playable. Load for the 470 was 81C and load for the 5870 was 65C. IMO the FPS edge of the 470 in this title is offset by the much cooler load temp of the 5870.

You'd be happy with either card and the 5870 does idle and particularly load cooler.
Thanks for that info! I play AoC only lol! I would like any info on performance in raids etc?
Like all MMO's this is the time where lots of particle effects get thrown off and causes slowdowns! In Sabazious or Seruah, fps goes down to below 20 fps at 11920 by 1200 rez with 4XAA and stuff

However, I have some good news for AoC, the DX9 and DX 10 client for Rise of the Godslayer expansion packs as a separate executable for both DX versions....are a lot more optimized according to those in the beta, so all cards should benefit even more. That is if they are separate executables for main game and expansion and I dunno how an integrated executable would is hoping it does work!

Still, Raids will bring cards down in performance!
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