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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
I know that you are supposed to be aggressive, but that's where I get busted. Either I rush and get creamed, then have no one to defend my base, or I can be conservative and then get a nice rape surprise. I just suck at micro lol.

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You have to understand the opportune time to rush. And if you see something that will waste your army pull back and make the counters.

You need to memorize the build times of other races tech trees. For example, if you scout and see a Terran barracks throwing down a tech lab, and he's mining tons of gas... you can bet he's going to reaper rush you. So build stalkers, waste his reapers, then push into his base when you're done because at most he'll have a few marines and maybe a marauder. Teching into one tree early in the game means you don't have enough resources to get much of the other.

Set up choke points and attack his expansions. Don't let him get control of the map.

Oh yeah and learn to use hotkeys. Your micro will be 5x faster.
And watch replays of good games. You learn a lot from them.
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