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Default Re: Quadro FX 1400 OpenGL many issues under Windows 7

Originally Posted by mathog View Post
Using Swiss PDB Viewer 4.0.1, loaded the PDB file "2r9r" and with "Render in 3D" and "Render in Solid 3D" both off it spins the object about as fast on W7 as on WXP. Set only "Render in 3D" (which I believe is just 3D line drawing through OpenGL) and it is still fast. But set both of these render options on and it crawls on W7.
Booted the same system with Mandriva 2010.0, ran the same SPDBV binary in Wine and it was able to spin in solid 3D well. Same hardware and this time with the Nvidia proprietary linux driver. Looks like a bug in the Nvidia driver for Windows 7.
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