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Default Re: Brother fryed his CO 920

Originally Posted by hewlett View Post
He was running a ga-EX-58 Extreme water cooled @ 4.3 no HT for 4 day's.
He called me last monday 4-26 and told me about it that it would not boot up, Man was he bummed.

So we did a little testing in my board and sure enough it would instantly shut down when trying to boot it! tested board with my DO in it, instant shut down.
well that was a pita. We both thought the same,borked 'em.

Well today i was thinking about a few trends i've read resently on the internet about people Resurrecting their video cards in the oven for a short period of time, and get them working,

So anyways i called him up asked him to try it with both board and processor in the oven 200 deg. for 5-10 min. and then in to the fridgerator freezer with the processor for 2 min. and let it air dry for 10 min.
LOL, guess what it booted and is still running as i type this thread!

So don't throw out that fryed processor-Board just yet before you try this, anyway glad it worked for him since he has been layed off from his job for 2 months now,
and could not afford the expence of replacing them.
I can see how this would fix cold solder issues with the motherboard. But I really have no idea how this process helps a CPU...

EDIT: Re-read the OP, my bad...
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