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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
Got my beta key yesterday.

Love the visuals. Have to say though the game cooks my computer. was playing along and all of the sudden the heat warnings kicked on from the cooling system. First time I have seen it go above 50C on the video memory sensor.
make sure ure not using the 'fan shutdown' version of nvidia drivers.

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
After getting raped, I finally won three in a row. Wanna know how? I found that taking huge risk gets a win lol. I rush all my Zealots about 4 minutes into the game and I can take a good chunk out of the other's base. And OMG . . . Void Rays are the shiz.
yea it's all about scouting, but all in tactics can work, but i hate all in tactics. i changed my tactics against protoss a lot now, sticking to 1 bass/fast tier 2 and double gas, and hit with hydra/roach/zerglings before they can build their timing push. also fast tier 2 = overlord scout unit eva lol.

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post

Protoss got a pretty big buff (Terran got an even bigger one, but they needed it), and Zerg got a nerf. Brood Lord (zerg's strongest unit) got a big nerf.

Pheonix are not useless anymore. Nice.

Imho increasing the root time of Spore Crawler was a bad idea. Early in the game it's the only thing that the zerg can use to defend against a void ray rush. Now I'll crush them even more.
Boord Lord nerf is no big deal, it still has the same dmg purpose, whats annoying is the fact that its the only seige 'type' weapon zerg has and its t3...compared to seige tanks/immortals and collossus (lance).

corrupter change is ****, should revert back (still needs a dmg buff against massive).

infestor a big joke tbh, the reason behind it is so stupid....the ultralisk and void ray reasoning is pretty lols..

ultralisk still suck donky balls.

overall patch 11, protoss phoenix buff is....retarded. 3 phoenix > 8 multalisk, being able to fire while running backwards...with no micro needed.....

pheonix were never useless, noony proved that, people just never build it and use it correctly

i still can't believe how cheap force field is...50 energy / no research needed...
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