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Default Re: Brother fryed his CO 920

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Well, YMMV. But be sure something is broken before trying this. Because one component might not be broken, but it will be after it spends too much time in the oven. Also, this generally works for cold solder problems. Doing this with CPU's is not recommended. If you heat the silicon too much or too long, you may cause the dopants to diffuse, then it's proper ****ed.

Also, from the way the OP sounds, it sounds like your motherboard was the source of the problems, not the processor. If his board doesn't boot with his CPU, and it won't boot with your (working) CPU, then how do you come to the conclusion that his CPU is the one that's borked... lol.
Because we took his CPU and put it on my board first and it would shut down instantly ? which btw my do is running fine on my board.
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