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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
I tested 16x|8x vs 16x|4x in my 16x|8x|4x|8x mobo. The differences between running slots 1 and 3 vs 1 and 2 @ 1920x; 1FPS in the 20-40FPS range, 2FPS in the 40-50FPS range, 5FPS in the 70-80FPS range. So it should have a very small impact on your min FPS. You can decide if you think the hit is worth it. Keeping the cards separated will reduce both your idle and load temps as well as keep the fans from running medium high most of the time when gaming.

I got those numbers from; Heaven v2, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Age of Conan and Crysis.
Thanks for your reply. I might give it a try this weekend.I can always move the card back. The cards get 88-85 while playing BC2 at 1920x120 with 8aa and 16af and no HBAO or whatever it is. During Crysis hey get about 91-88 with 16aa and 16af. I dont hear the fans cause I use headphones. I will check it out and see. They are idling at 58-55 right now. Also my system fans aer on low was thinking of moving then to medium or high to see if that helps.
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