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Default Re: GTX 470 or HD 5870?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I agreed kaptkarl.

@Ancient76, The bit about better min. FPS is correct. The 470 does have a higher minimum FPS in nearly all of its examples. However, ATI's drivers are very mature, whereas nvidia's are still new. There are people all over the internet complaining about compatibility issues with the GTX 4xx series. Also, the GTX 470 does NOT have better DX11 performance except for a select couple of games that have been optimized to run on nvidia hardware. Better AA support is subjective. It's able to reach higher levels of AA than the 5870, but the performance hit from that AA is still very real and significant.

Keep it real bud.
Talking about driver issues -

Are you sure that those games are optimized for Nvidia If they are, that's one more reason to buy 470.

Now the 480 IS about 10% faster than the 5870, but not the 470. As for drivers, I'm hearing some here are having issues w/ the fermi cards.....typical for just released cards. As for ATI no major driver issues w/ the 5800 series as thye've been out awhile now. ATI's DX11 performance is awesome, so is the AA and AF performance. I'm speaking from experience as my 5870 flies through every game maxed out @ 1920x1200. AND much, much cooler to boot.
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