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Default Re: GTX 470 or HD 5870?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Right now the drivers are the WORST thing about my GTX 480. ATis drivers are matured and ran everything great, I just came from a 5870 to GTX 480 so I'm speaking from experience. Definitely dont get Nvidia for the drivers right now.
They're more mature, but it won't be long before Nvidia catches up and passes them. Nvidia apparently has a lot more resources for driver bugs/fixes and seems to care a lot more about the customer.

As an example, there's a group of 10-15 5970 CFX owners over on Rage3D right now, myself included, who are being left out in the cold by ATI and its driver teams / customer support. Eyefinity is broken on CFX, and there's not a peep from anyone about what the problem is or if/when it will ever be fixed. There has never been any kind of public announcement about this while the driver release a while back claimed to "fix Crossfire support for Eyefinity on the 5870 and 5970 graphics cards."

5870s drivers may be more mature now, but where I'd worry is if any future issues pop up in a new game. Takes ATI longer to fix, and in the cases of 5970 CFX above, some never get fixed.

Yeah, I'm rambling a bit because I'm *&*#@^ off. 1400$ for GPUs and 600$ for LCDs that were never needed. Money down the drain tends to do that to you.

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