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Default Re: GTX 470 or HD 5870?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Agreed it does take ATI longer, but lately they've been pretty good about hotfix drivers and now with profiles being a separate file that helps too. Sorry to hear about the CF issues, I learned my lesson with dual GPUs long ago and will only use the fastest single GPU now.
Thanks. I agree they've been better, but at times they still sit on their hands like with this Eyefinity thing. They've been a little deceptive about this issue, and it's angering many of us.

The odd thing is that two 5870s work just fine in Eyefinity, so it's not an issue that's specific to Crossfire. It's some sort of issue with the 5970s, so users are "guessing" at what it could be--whether it's some sort of hardware limitation or software limitation that's keeping it from working. And in the end, nothing but crickets from ATI's direction after the card being out for 6 months.....

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