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Post Super Mario: The 10 Best Free Online Games

When you think of Super Mario, you think of a little plumber in red suspenders. Nintendo is responsible for making one of the most recognizable game franchises in modern history. Millions of people have played a Super Mario game in their lives at some point. With a Mario game, you know you're getting a fun, entertaining experience.

Because of Mario's popularity, a lot of games get made in his image. If you search for them online, you can find some fun Super Mario titles as free games. Justin recently covered one such game in his article entitled Super Mario War: Multiplayer Chaos That's A Ton of Fun.

In this article, I'm going to discuss some more of the best Super Mario free games around.

Super Mario Bros. In Pipe Panic

Pipe Panic is a Pac-Man type game that features Mario and creatures from his world. Play as either Mario or Luigi in this game. The goal is to collect coins without getting eaten. If you run into trouble, grab a star and you can destroy your enemies.

Super Mario Mushroom Game

In this game, you have to collect mushrooms to beat each level. Mushrooms are hidden in blocks all over the board. As the levels get more difficult, you will need to collect more mushrooms and bring them to the castle without dying. No easy task.

Hungry Mario

In Hungry Mario, the goal is to get all of the little green balls on the board. You are timed for this game, which can prove challenging once you get into the upper levels where there are orbs in hard to reach places.

Super Mario Rampage

This game is Super Mario meets Grand Theft Auto. You play as Mario, and you go through each board firing a gun on your enemies. You can't control the speed at which you walk, but you can aim and shoot your targets before they get to you.

Super Mario Rush Arena

In Rush Arena, enemies are dropped into the board for you to kill. Jump on them to kill them just like in other Mario games. Once you kill them all, you advance. You can see how many of each enemy there is at the top of the screen.

Mario Lost in Space

Fly around the board as Mario in this game. The goal is to land on the platform without crashing into it or any other obstacles you come across. This becomes more challenging, of course, as the game goes on.

Super Mario World Hardcore

Similar to Mario Rampage, this game allows you to walk around with a gun. Blast all the bad guys in Super Mario World Hardcore while doing ninjasomersaults. It's pretty entertaining, not gonna lie.

Pixel Ninja In Mario World

Pixel Ninja is a lot like Where's Waldo. You are given several pictures of Mario and the gang and your goal is to find the little pixel ninja hidden within the picture and click on him. If you're not in the mood for an adventure game and just want something to appease the mind, this game is for you.

Mario Miner

In this game, your goal is to grab as much loot as you can before your time runs out. Getting coins as Mario has never been easier. Reach the number of points you need to advance. It's not as easy as it looks.

New Super Mario World 3

For the most part, I tried to stay away from the games that were very similar to the original Mario Bros. games, but this one is worth mentioning. It's graphics are pretty familiar to the old Super Mario World games you and I are accustomed to. Getting to play a familiar game with updated levels/boards is always fun.

What do you think of playing Super Mario free games on the internet? Did I forget to mention your favorite game? Leave your thoughts and links in the comments! Follow MakeUseOf on Twitter. Includes cool extras.

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