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Default Re: GTX 470 or HD 5870?

Bud, look at the release notes. ATI even stated "CFX" support and then listed the 5970 series right afterward along with the other cards.

To me, that's cut and dry as saying it's supported. And yet, it doesn't work.

Regardless of what the review sites said--and the impression to the reader was always that 5970 was the way to go with Eyefinity--ATI themselves even stated it worked in the Cat 9.12 release notes. Not once will you ever find a statement by ATI that says CFX for 5970 will have limited functionality or not work at all. Nowhere.

Anyway, this problem will be resolved by me dumping these 5970s in favor of 480s. I plan to put two 480s on water and go with Nvidia's 3-D technology on a 60" DLP display instead of three smaller LCDs like I had bought for Eyefinity.

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