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Default Re: DirectX 11 so far not so good!

Originally Posted by newparad1gm View Post
It's a driver issue with the long load times with BFBC2, ATI had the same issues with their 5000 series and DX11 as well, but that was corrected in a driver update. Hopefully NVIDIA will fix theirs soon as well.

BFBC2 isn't really a good showcase for DX11 either. It also isn't a strong game for team Green also, as ATI consistently gets better benchmarks in that game. For a much better implementation of DX11 on NVIDIA cards, look at Metro 2033 or DiRT2.
this reminds me of Black and White 2, BaW2 was a ATi "its in the game" sponsored game, with huge ATI logos etc... and yet the game was barelly playable on ATI hardware. DIRT2 is again the same situation, but its not as bad this time around.
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