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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

I'm getting real sick of the Zerg rush noobs out there. No matter how fast I build or which race I play (I hate playing as Zerg anyway), I always get raped with Zerglings. I've also blocked my entrances off using buildings and it still doesn't work. WTF Blizz?

I switched from playing Protoss all the time to Terran and I'm getting beat pretty bad. It seems like I play guys who want to build 20 of everything, then attack. I try to attack when I get the first 2 or 3 Zealots or Marines but they fail quick. I'll occasionally get someone who doesn't build as fast as me and I can beat them pretty easily.

I've also ran into at least 5 games where the opponent has some air units and I'm out of resources. Oh and all of my air units are dead. All I have are Maraduers or something that can't attack air units.
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