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Default Kernel problem

Ok, by reading help pages i figured out the problem.

The kernel (2.4.20-20.8) doesn't like the VIA KT400 chipsets on my Asus 8X7V mobo
causing a problem with the AGP slot. reasoning behind the 3 beeps.

So anyways.. i need to update the kernel. here is where you guys/gals coming.

I know which kernel i need... and have downloaded two of them

kernel-2.4.20-20.9.i386.rpm and

so which one do i use?

AMD XP 2100 (1.7)
DDR PC2700 512MB
Maxtor 40 GB
GeForce 3 TI200 128mb
Asus 8X7V mobo, KT400 chips

if you need any other infomation about my pc let me know...
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