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Originally posted by JohnA
Well the fan will only go in one way but yep it did power up and speed up in 3d apps (before it crashed) In 2d mode the screen just went black and seemed to shut down, same happend in 3d only much quicker.

GPU surface looks quite flat to me, AC3 spread very well. I tried a thin and thick layer and nothing changed really. AC3 seems to be a problem for FX cards. Im not touching my 5950 when it arrives thats for sure, sorta tempted to play with the 5900 now though. Custom heatsink etc.
I guess it could be that the AS3 is just not thick enough. Try Shin-Etsu on the 5900 GPU. That stuff is super thick and much better than AS3. If that does not work then there is a definete problem with how the heatsink sits on the GPU. I've noticed that all these heatsinks on GPUs/VPUs sit very lightly and will move with even the slightest touch. I noticed the same thing on my 9800Pro when I first got it and I took offthe stock cooler and applied the AS3............not good at all! It wouldn't go a hair above stock clocks. Going with the Shin Etsu fixed the problem and I'm now using the Shin Etsu with a pelt. and it's all good!

The only possible problem you have is the heat transfer between your heatsink and GPU, using a thick thermal paste like Shin Etsu or going with an Epoxy must solve your problem and I guess you've really got nothing to lose as your 5900 is just sitting there naked.......

Please post a follow up when you get the card up and running again because I've also found it strange how loose those heatsinks sit on video cards and the fact that thinned out thermal paste like AS3 seem to have problems transferring the heat. CPUs put out a lot more heat and work great with AS3, but CPU heatsinks are clamped down like there's no tomorrow so you know it's making good contact.
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