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Default Re: Steam for Mac - Available May 12th!!!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Wow, those are almost as good as the build I made two years ago, and cost more than twice as much.

But yay for mac users, their overpriced computers will now be able to play two more old games.
Yeah. I built up a $13,000+ Mac with their online builder and it came with a top of the line 4870 with 512mb. Yes, an HD 4870. Oh, and NO display. Sure it had 8tbs of storage and about $400 worth of memory, but damn, what massive robbery. If you add all the accessories and software it's up past $20,000 and it still has the same gimp 4870.

Luckily the government hasn't mandated that I buy one yet.
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