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Default Re: Enable audio through HDMI on GT240

Originally Posted by primerib View Post
Surprised your receiver doesn't support LPCM but ok. Also, you can do audio over DVI. That's why you see video cards with DVI ports that have SPDIF IN connectors.
we're still back to the same problem... AVR *does not* decode hdmi (nor any kind of DVI) audio... really guys, I can point you to the PDF spec sheets).

Again, AVR not decoding is a non-issue.. it was time for an AVR upgrade, it is on order, and when it arrives, I can go from 4 cables (1 HDMI+digital audio each to HTPC and DVR) down to 2 (this model also has HDMI pass-thru so I won't have to turn on the AVR just to use HTPC for surfing). Once it arrives I can verify if the HDMI audio is working. For now I can only say that "aplay -l" suggests that it does, which is a step further than I had been before.
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