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Default Re: New screen shots of ID's Rage

When I first read about mega textures I thought it was a great idea - no more tiling and every single part of a 'map' could be unique in its texturing.

But seeing that these mega textures are so vast and don't look too great up-close, I'm beginning to think that you get a better looking game doing things the 'old fashion way'. OK, so you get some repeating textures and the odd 'join', but overall the games look better and more detailed.

The models in those screenshots also look shocking IMO. The polly count looks as if it's on a par with Doom III (really sharp edges on what should be more rounded - legs and arms for example). I guess that's what you get when things are designed to run primarily on a console

I don't think there is any hope of 3D Vision support either. As far as I know, 3D Vision only works on DirectX (but willing to be proved wrong ).

<edit>OK, so it seems 3D Vision DOES work with OpenGL. At least that's something to look forward to then.</edit>
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