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Default Re: Windows XP hangs when trying to delete broken shortcut

This is NOT normal Windows behavior and in my case was caused by an Explorer shell extension added by Sony's Securom: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\CmdLineExt_x64.dll (Vista 64-bit).

This shell extension causes Explorer to lag or freeze ("Windows Explorer is not responding") when right-clicking "broken" shortcuts pointing to missing .exe files. I didn't have an issue with other file types.

I was able to fix this using Nirsoft ShellExView by disabling this extension (F7 in ShellExView). I found instructions for solving this issue at

This is one of many issues caused by invasive Securom copy protection malware. Some other Securom shell extensions that may be causing issues are listed here: Look for the "CmdLineExt" entries from "Sony DADC".

Keep in mind if you install another game with Securom, this extension will probably become re-enabled and the problem will return.
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