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Default Why in Spider-Man The Movie PC Game only some levels i go to will freeze?

Why in Spider-Man The Movie PC Game only some levels i go to will freeze? Like the 2nd to last level, etc.

Ok i was letting my 5 year old nephew play Spider-Man The Movie PC Game and the first level worked fine without freezing at all. But then when i did this cheat to open all levels i went to some of the levels and some of the levels would like start fine then suddening slow down a lot with sound skipping then suddenly freeze totally. Its really strange. It was like the 2nd to last level and a few others. The 1st level , 2nd, 3rd and some more levels we tried worked fine but not all of them did. But when it freezes its like a hard lockup where i have to restart my computer. BTW all other games i tried worked fine without any hard lockups or freezes so far. Even GTA3, unreal 2003,etc

Here are system specs. I am on windows xp pro. btw.

Abit KT7A raid mobo
Athlon XP 1800+
Leadtek GF4 ti 4400 video card
Santa Cruz sound card
Maxtor 45 gig 7200 rpm HD ATA 100
dlink ethernet card
Antec 330 watt truepower power supply

*Remember i played all kind of other games like RTCW, quake 3 arean, unreal 2003,NOLF 2, GTA3, etc pretty much and have not had any freezing or hard lockups in those games. *

If anyone else has played this game with all levels espically the 2nd to last level just fine without freezing/ hard lockups in some of the levels please tell me your system specs. Thanks.
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