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Default Re: HDTV for bedroom

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
build a little HTPC with a blue ray player. also, you should have a windows home server box on which you rip your blue rays to and then you can stream then through the house including the bedroom unit.
Yes. I plan to add a home server later with hard wired gigabit ethernet, but for starters I was going to use the wifi on the blu-ray player. I don't know much about LG TVs so I wanted to get some opinions on them. Plus I know nothing about the new LED Backlit TVs. So I was hoping someone could let me know if they are better than the standard TV and worth the money. I do want bright colors with hi-contrast so I'm will to pay extra to get it if necessary.

Oh... The server will be in a closet not by the TV, so that's why the separate player at the TV.
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