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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
I did some quicktests with overclocking yesterday, raised ONLY the core and shader clocks to 800/1600, but left the memory at default. It was nice to see that it worked fine on my stock voltage (987mV) and saw nice gains in Nvidias new Island techdemo (41 vs 49 fps or 19,5% gain I believe).

However I don't know any "normal" overclocking range for the memory, don't know if the stock 1848mhz are already quite close to the limit, so what is a healthy and secure overclock for that one on the GTX 480? 1900,1950 or 2000? Is Furmark/Kombuster a good app to test memory for overclocking artifacts?

Since I wanted to take it safe with the quicktests I forced the fan to 100%, temps didn't break 63C with Kombustor.
2000 should be do-able.
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