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Default Re: New screen shots of ID's Rage

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Meaning they have pre-calculated global illumination already applied. Making higher res versions is pretty much impossible like he said, because they already take up a buttload of space as is, you'd need a blu-ray player or like 6+ dvds to increase the res just one size larger.
Precalculated lightmaps, not GI.

The outdoor terrain textures should look fine, these are the areas where repeated textures are most apparent in games so their mega texture technology really only needs to be used here, not on indoor ground, wall and object textures. I don't really see why texturing for indoor areas would be any different to any other game?

I still don't think they look that bad, just a little disappointing for a next gen engine.
Megatexture is only applied for terrain.
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