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Default Re: Steam for Mac - Available May 12th!!!

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Apart from the default game installation directory everything is very well integrated and works great. Luckily the directory thingy was easily fixable

Yesterday there were a few games listed as Mac games that were removed afterwards, like TF2, Killing Floor and Star Wars TFU.
On my Mac those games don't just up at all anymore, not even when "All Games" is selected.
But they're still there on my PC. So I guess Valve is preparing something on the Mac side.

Bearclaw, please report back on how TF2 performs under OpenGL since you can directly compare it between OS X and Windows
I noticed that. I went to my games list and TF2 is gone from it on OSX, however, it is still there and working on Windows.

I'll report back when I get it installed.
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