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Default Re: panics with 195.36.24

Another panic with all available for amd64 drivers (195.22, 195.36.15, 195.36.24) after recent changes to vm (on X server start):
mutex page lock not owned at /home/yuri/src/FreeBSD/head/sys/vm/vm_page.c:1572

db:0:kdb.enter.panic>  run lockinfo
db:1:lockinfo> show locks
db:1:locks>  show alllocks
db:1:alllocks>  show lockedvnods
Locked vnodes
db:0:kdb.enter.panic>  show pcpu
cpuid        = 1
dynamic pcpu    = 0xffffff807f3da780
curthread    = 0xffffff0005dcd780: pid 1518 "Xorg"
curpcb       = 0xffffff80587c9d40
fpcurthread  = none
idlethread   = 0xffffff000340a000: pid 11 "idle: cpu1"
curpmap         = 0
tssp            = 0xffffffff80e8cb68
commontssp      = 0xffffffff80e8cb68
rsp0            = 0xffffff80587c9d40
gs32p           = 0xffffffff80e8b9a0
ldt             = 0xffffffff80e8b9e0
tss             = 0xffffffff80e8b9d0
spin locks held:
db:0:kdb.enter.panic>  bt
Tracing pid 1518 tid 100153 td 0xffffff0005dcd780
kdb_enter() at kdb_enter+0x3d
panic() at panic+0x17b
_mtx_assert() at _mtx_assert+0xdc
vm_page_wire() at vm_page_wire+0x37
nv_alloc_system_pages() at nv_alloc_system_pages+0x21a
nv_alloc_pages() at nv_alloc_pages+0xdd
_nv020074rm() at _nv020074rm+0x7f
Otherwise 195.22 works stable (after commenting out assert in sys/vm/vm_page.c, which is done for other driver versions as well).

Panics reported in previous post are specific to FreeBSD 9 and both 195.36.15 and 195.36.24.
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