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Default Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

With the big push on for home 3D, if there are still no plans for 3d on a GeForce is there an estimate on when more displays will be added to the linux Quadro drivers? I'm mostly interested in 1080p checkerboard for DLP at this time. only lists a few types of displays (lcd and analog)
* 1680x1050 Desktop Displays
o Samsung® SyncMaster 2233RZ 120 Hz LCD display
o ViewSonic® FuHzion™ VX2265wm 120 Hz LCD display
o ViewSonic FuHzion VX2268wm 120 Hz LCD display
o 100 Hz and higher analog CRTs

We will be adding support for more of the 3D Vision Ready displays, HDTVs and Projectors in future driver releases.
while DLP is currently listed under windows support.

Also, does software have to be written to take advantage of stereo output or will the driver get the depth info from existing 3d software such as flightgear?
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