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Default Re: plans for 3D vision under linux ???

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
I'm not sure where the list you linked to came from.
That's the list I've been looking for. It really, really should be in the README. We spent a far amount of time beating our head against the lack of documentation in Quadro/Linux/3D Vision.

And the specific monitor list strikes me as a pretty silly limitation? On a pure USB implementation, I bet there's some fiddling to do to timing to make it work - but surely the VESA connector obviates that?

Which draws me to the next question - does Nvidia do any tricks with EDID to make the monitors enter a special '3D mode'? The rumor is certain monitors can enter a special mode with extra dark time between eyes, or some similar magic? How on earth is that meant to work on Linux, with modelines etc.?

Can you please find out why the Quadro/Linux/3D Vision system - already a high end system, and having accomplished the ROI goals in one fell swoop, presumably, can't just be active for all and any monitors?

The situation now seems to be (as of testing with the 3D Vision enabled Beta) that the emitter comes on (soft green light), the VESA sync comes out of the card and mini-jack, the monitor is running at 120Hz (the Alienware, in our case), the app produces QBS images, but no eye flipping takes place. AND THERE'S NO CLUES.

Can we please get this addressed? By definition, it's your high end Quadro customers, also paying a bit extra for 3D Vision, and on Linux, so presumably 'serious', just get worked over, for no apparent reason. If nothing else, how about a tech note showing the steps needed and limitations?


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