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Post WeeklyTube Issue 35: PhysX video overview

Mafia II ' Developer Diary Episode 2 by GamerSpawn

New developer diary for highly anticipated Mafia II title. Interesteng detail ' judging by in-game scenes (like 1:03-1:09), clothing simulation won't be GPU PhysX exclusive.

Land Of Ozis by ccPaolo

Blitz 3D and PhysX SDK based arcade indie game, posed by it's author as sequel to 'World of Goo' title. Available for download from here.

Test Particle Flow Tools Box 2 by c0mpal

Deformable objects simulation with Orbaz PFlow Tools Box #2 plug-in, using PhysX glue.

Magic Button by maxanimation

Massive rigid body physics simulation in 3ds Max using Rayfire Tool.

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