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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post

My new case has helped my GTX 470 overclocking endeavors tremendously.

As of right now I've got it running stable at 788\1575\1900 with 1.062v. In Kombustor it tops out at around 82C, in the Cryostasis benchmark it sat at 84C for a while. The fan is fairly loud because it scales almost 1:1 once the GPU gets over 75C, but its not too bad. Its currently about 68F in my room, so its fairly cool in here.

The performance is through the roof because of this as well.

Check out the increases I recorded from overclocking in the Cryostasis tech demo benchmark:

Cryostasis Tech Demo - 1920x1200 - DX10 - High Preset (Physx on GTS 250 @ 600/1566/800)

GTX 470 @ 600/1215/1674

Avg 48.1
Min 29.0
Max 110.4

GTX 470 @ 725/1450/1800 (1.025v)

Avg 55.8
Min 34.0
Max 129.1

GTX 470 @ 750/1500/1800 (1.050v)

Avg 57.0
Min 34.7
Max 130.8

GTX 470 @ 750/1500/1875 (1.050v)

Avg 57.5
Min 34.3
Max 133.5

GTX 470 @ 788/1575/1900 (1.062v)

Avg 59.5
Min 36.4
Max 134.5

That's a 23.7% increase in average frame rate from overclocking.

I've never seen GPU overclocking results like this before. I'm very impressed!
That's a nice gain Capt.

Personally though (not knocking your results!) I'm more concerned with min and avg, and the gain is minimal over 725/1450/1800. Just to be on the safe side I think I'll keep mine at stock speeds unless several more games show greater minimum gains.

The max is nice, but over 100 (or 60fps I've heard?) there won't be much, if any, noticeable difference to the naked eye. Others may be much more sensitive to it than I though...

Still, even that first OC result is a heck of an OC - very nice!
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