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Originally posted by fuxifuxi
It has an 128 bit wide bus.

It was madeby Asus (model V9520)
Hmm... The V9520 cards actually sold to customers seem to have somewhat worse memory clocks than advertised. It comes with 331 MHz DDR, when the advertisements claim 400 MHz DDR.

Furthermore, all 128 MB Asus V9520 do not necessarily have 128 bit bus. The normal 128 MB V9520 cards with 8 memory chips on board have 128 bit bus, whereas there is supposed to exist a variant with 4 memory chips (see link), which has a 64 bit memory bus. Add to this the slower-than-advertised memory clocks, which lead to a ridiculous bandwith of 2.7 GB/s, about one tenth of the today's top cards. Selling these cards would be an outright fraud IMHO.
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