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Default Re: Enable audio through HDMI on GT240

Originally Posted by paoleary View Post
(In case you couldn't tell, I'm down to the shotgun approach here.)

I did have a problem last night with an incorrect ~/.asoundrc which conflicted with the (correct) settings in /etc/asound.conf, preventing snes9x-gtk from outputting audio. I'm using the simple two-line asound.conf on the linked wiki page which sets the default and iec958 devices to the HDMI output of the NVidia card.
Oh, I think I passed the shotgun approach ages ago... I call it the spaghetti approach.. just throw everything against the wall and pray that something.. anything sticks (find me any other OS where half the sound sources are working, but the other half do not....)

I think part of my problem may be that I have 4 reported HDMI devices for card 1 (1,3 1,7 1,8 1,9)... so perhaps some sources are confused by just saying HDMI.. 1,7 works for speaker-test and for some of my audio sources... but not the others...

the xbmc page references the multiple reported devices as a potential problem.. BUT it then references another document suggesting it would shed some light on how to prune them down to just the 1 you'd want... but I wasn't able to find any more spaghetti to throw...
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