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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

I just started logging in some time as zerg. Zerg get owned if you don't know how to play them, but if you know what you are doing, they are very hard to beat.

If you just build mass zerglings, hydras, and mutalisks and rush in for an attack you will get demolished. But if you use the units strengths, you will demolish them.

Roaches for example. They absolutely own any tier If you upgrade their movement speed you can kite any tier 1 unit, and you get them way before protoss gets immortals or void rays. And if you research burrow, and the other two techs at the roach warren, roaches regen 10 health per second while burrowed, and they can move while burrowed. This makes them invincible unless your opponent invests heavily in stealth detection.

Hydras for example. On their own they die easily, but with the range upgrade and proper tanking, they demolish void rays and just about any air unit you can throw at them given enough of them.

And once you get brood lords with proper air support it's over. 10 of them can destroy any ground army.
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