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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
By the time you have your spire finished, your enemy will be knocking your front door wiith a timing push of mm or the typical timing push from protoss. This only works if your left alone...the entire game and your spire is not scouted. This build is very gas intensive (muta/hydra), and the time for the spire is very long.
I'm assuming that I'm not talking to complete noobs. Anyone who's played the game for more than five minutes knows a rush is going to be knocking on the door within the first five minutes of the game. And btw, a well timed fast expand roach push will absolute demolish any of the initial rushes (MMM and zealot rush) if you can micro well. It's a different story mid to late game, but in the beginning the Roach is king.

Problem with Roaches, they take massive dmg due to the armor type. The range on Roach is horriiible, they are extremely slow at start. The hp regeneration is T3 and require a massive investment / time (I have never seen any pro player tech to t3 just to research hp regeneration while burrowed). Now they are 2 food, making early zerg very weak without a meat shield, they work pretty well massed, but still fall down just as fast due to everything hard countering them (unless ure playing zerg...then the only thing hardcounter u is spine crawler lol)

I think the entire roach change was way over the top, blizz plans to buff ultra to be the late game tank, but they nerfed roaches without actually fixing the ultra, so zerg atm cannot build a strong meat shield.
The 2 food is a nerf, but all it really means is you have to keep a much closer eye on your food count. If you have a fast expand you'll have minerals to spare (which I nearly always get when playing terran, and I usually get it when playing toss, against zerg you're on equal footing) so it really doesn't make a big difference. I think it'll get a buff next patch for what it's worth.

Hydra's are probably the best all around unit zerg has, their main weakness is hp/speed, but they shoot so faaaaaaast.
Brood Lord/Hydra is the best combo in the game right now.

If you see brood lords and your surprised he build it...then you deserve to lose. They take for EVA to build, you need to build a infestor tech building, then tech hive to t3, then upgrade spire to greater spire (which takes years to do), and then finally you can convert your corruptors to brood lords.....if during this time you never scouted/never thought...hmm he has corruptors/infestor pit....then ofcourse you should lose the game.
First of all, anyone with any good sense knows Zerg is going to be gunning for Brood Lords late game. So it should never come as a surprise. But it's really hard to scout it when I'm constantly pressing with attacks, and the spire is way in the back of my base, and is well protected from scouts by a couple hydras, mutas, whatever.

But with that said you get clues. If you see him using T3 tech then you can bet brood lords are coming. Even if you're not surprised by it, if I get up 10 brood lords and 40 hydras to defend them.... it's game over. That many hydras will eat an air force alive, and that many brood lords will destroy a 200 food ground army in about 20 seconds.
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