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Default 195.36.24 driver, 6600gt card: slow redraw in vim or on virtual desktop switch

Hi all!
Once again, I have some strange issue.

Every 195er driver version causes two symptoms, whereas the 190.53 driver version is fine.
This was with Xorg 1.7. Xorg 1.8 is only supported by the 195.36.24 driver version and still has the same symptoms.

My system is a Gentoo/AMD64 box with testing/unstable repo.
Xorg 1.8.0 xinerama | 195.36.24 driver | 6600 GT card

1. Symptom
I use Xorg only with openbox as windowmanager and switching virtual desktops let the inside of a frame of a window redraw very slowly. For example, the titlebar, menubar and toolbar of firefox is immediatly drawn but the website content takes its time.

2. Symptom
Scrolling up/down in a circa 400 lines textfile with VIM inside the virtual terminal rxvt-unicode (urxvt) let the text redraw very slowly again. With shorter textfiles the redraw is a bit faster but still noticable. This does not happen with nano, i.e.

JFYI, Mplayer with OpenGL video out is fine.

Let me know if there is any other information necessary. Nvidia log is attached.
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