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Default Re: Fullscreen-SG/RGSSAA with Fermi via TRSSAA (OGL, D3D10/11)?

Originally Posted by boxleitnerb View Post
Didn't the normal OGSSAA modes work in OpenGL before?
Edit: No, they didn't. But the combined modes did, like 32xS (If nhancer reports that correctly).
As far as i know, only the ATI 5 series managed to get R/SGSSAA in BC2. I dont think there are any SSAA for those with nvidia cards or older ATI cards.

Originally Posted by tdream View Post
What kind of fps are we talking about.

Is it playable 4xAA 4xTRSSAA or 2xAA 2xTRSSAA?
There are no 4xTRSSAA nor 2xTRSSAA, there is multi and super- sampled transparency anti-aliasing. Supersampling is something else.

Am looking into the Bc2 thing, i want SSAA for this game, regular AA is close to noneffective and i hate the jaggies.
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