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Default GPL nvidia ethernet driver coming!

good news!
straight from the lkml

This is the wrong mailing list to ask who's afraid of Halloween, thus
I ask: Who's afraid of driver that was written without specs?

Attached is forcedeth: A new driver for the ethernet interface of the
NVIDIA nForce chipset, licensed under GPL.

The driver was written without support from NVIDIA, it's the result of
a cleanroom development:
Carl-Daniel and Andrew reverse engineered the nvnet driver and wrote a
specification, Manfred wrote the driver based on the spec.

This release it intended for developers, it's alpha quality: normal
network traffic could work, although slow due to incomplete interrupt
handling. It does work on two nForce 2 systems, nForce and nForce 3
are untested.

Try it yourself, but don't complain if something breaks. Note that
the driver generates quite a lot of debug output.

Manfred Spraul
Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
Andrew de Quincey
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