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Default Re: nForce 730a USB audio failures

Originally Posted by oldcyberdude View Post
> using discrete card with usb ports solves the problem for you
If you mean can I use the onboard sound? Yes Unfortunately, I wanted to use the USB audio to provide a second sound card to free up the on-board so I don't have change cables constantly.
I mean borrow from someone PCI or PCI-E card with usb ports, put inside your PC with nForce 730a and test if the problem still exist when you connect your usb device to connectors on this PCI/PCI-E card, not to those on mainboard.

nForce 7xx and Geforce 8xxx mainboards have broken USB OHCI controller which is used for connecting USB 1.1 devices. It just hangs. Nvidia know about this bug but did not provide fix for it. I doubt if they work on this. The last contact I had with Daniel Dadap from Nvidia was at 16/03/2010 when he was collecting hardware to reproduce the bug. He said tomorrow (the day after 16/03/2010) will send me the findings. Today is 16/05/2010 and have no response. Nvidia quit chipset business recently so we are probably left without support and fixes.

I was always buying and recommending nForce chipsets for all these years to everybody since nForce2 up to and including Geforce 8200 chipset from nForce7xx family. Now I'm sad I was treated this way. This is not a problem when company releases buggy chipset when it also releases a fix. But leaving chipset business with growing number of customers who encounter this not fixed bug is ugly. I'm enough. Next mainboard will be from AMD/ATI.
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