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Default Re: Fullscreen-SG/RGSSAA with Fermi via TRSSAA (OGL, D3D10/11)?

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
What? that doesn't make any sense... These are 2 different techniques.. Tsaa and SSAA. SSAA renders the picture in twise, third and quad the resolution of choice and then downsamples it. TSAA applies anti-aliasing to alpha/transparent textures. How could they get mixed up lol.
They are not that different techniques.

The only big difference in MSAA and SSAA is that MSAA samples color information once per pixel and SSAA as many times as there are samples.
Transparency super sampling just samples transparent polygons with super sampling, but if one marks everything as 'transparent' youve got a pure supersample rendering.

This is most likely what is happenging current drivers and is the method that Amd is most likely using as well.

I just hope that it could be enabled with every game and with variable amount of super samples per pixel.
Meaning something like 16xAA with 2SSAA samples, 6MSAA samples and 8 CSAA samples.
This would give nice flexibility to get best possible performance/image quality for games.
CSAA samples with 'coming' TMAA for transparency, some MSAA to perfect the edges and little bit of SSAA to fix shaders and otherwise clean up the image.
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