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Default Re: Fullscreen-SG/RGSSAA with Fermi via TRSSAA (OGL, D3D10/11)?

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
So TSAA uses supersampling for the alpha textures unlike regular MSAA that only samples the edges using no supersampling (downsampling)
Downsampling is a one way to get SSAA and shouldn't be confused to actually be the only way to get Super Sampling.
Super Sampling just means sampling something several times and taking average, actual sample locations can vary and so can subject what is being sampled.

MSAA doesn't actually find edges or only sample the edges of polygons.
It takes the Z-Samples everywhere, but it writes only one color sample for each pixel. (accurately said, it writes the same color to all subsamples which are within the polygon on that pixel.)
As there is no variation within pixel, only place we can see it's effects is on edges.

So basically MSAA is just a version of SSAA which writes one color to all subsamples.
Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Edit: it irritates me that both regular SSAA and the 2 modes for TSAA uses the word "supersampling" as in super and multi sampled TSAA along with the SSAA supersampling. Gets comfusing.
Super sampling tells what kind of sampling is done, just like multi sampling and thus those terms are used, even with transparent methods.

Also Transparent multi sampled AA should be called TMAA or TMSAA..
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