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Default Re: Repeatable X Crash, dual FX580 on HP Z600

From what I have seen so far, this is a problem in the nvidia driver. Another, less likely possibility is a bug in Xorg or both.

The code being executed being executed is in response to a window changing size for moving. Based on the size it could be either a top level window or one of the larger panes in GFE (an in house application that seems to always trigger the crash)

I think this code runs regardless of whether the DAMAGE, RENDER, or COMPOSITE extensions are active. The nvidia driver probably assumes OpenGL will be used, so I turning off GLX will probably not prevent this code from running either, but it may be worth trying anyway. This wouldn't be a solution since we do have one in-house app that requires openGL :-(

This is the call stack as I have been able to determine it:

_nv001111X+711280+104 (nvidia GCops PolyFillRect)
damagePolyFillRect+97 (damage.c:1238)
??? (not sure...)
??? _nv001111X+711280+?? (nvidia GCops PolyFillRect
--- not actually seen in stack (because of tail call?))
miDbePositionWindow+1217 (midbe.c:713)

I've opened a customer care support ticket FWIW, but we'll see what happens from it. Right now I have HP and RedHat as well involved, but shockingly everyone else is pointing fingers.

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