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Default Re: Repeatable X Crash, dual FX580 on HP Z600

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Do you have any further information or more detailed steps on how to produce a crash? Do you think you might be able to provide a test app that can reliably crash your system?
Thanks "danix" for looking into this ... unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem in our lab using the same hardware setup and applications that cause X to crash in the field.

We have two applications, neither uses openGL calls, one is called D2d and one GFE. When a user logs into the workstation, and launches a D2d on each screen (3 total) then maximizes the D2d to take up the whole screen. The user the moves a single D2d in any window off screen almost entirely and launches the GFE application. Then, any resizing of the window or movement of the GFE window causes the crash. The applications unfortunately are hard to launch outside of our environment since they require certain NFS mounts for their configuration files and libraries.

I can't repeat the problems in my lab either. However, we have problems at every location with the new HP Z600 and FX580 cards. These workstations are replacing HP 4400 workstations with GeForce Go 7600 cards. This is the first Quadro we have used outside of the NVS245? (can't rememer the model).

There are no openGL calls in either application, they are approx 10 year old apps that have been rock solid since their inception. The only reason we can't disable GLX though is that a standalone application requires it.

One thing of interest...if the user launches the GFE application first, then the three D2ds, X will not crash. It seems that the order must be D2d (times three) and then GFE in order to produce the crash.

You can grab a core file from

this was with DAMAGE and RENDER extension disabled. I realize this is hard to troubleshoot, it has been for us as well since we can't reproduce it here. This has halted our hardware refresh of the workstations so we have about 1,000 right now sitting in warehouses until this gets resolved somehow ;-)

The applications, D2d and GFE, render meteorological data, you can see an image here:

If you read the wikipedia entry for AWIPS that might help shed some light as well on the applications, they do render a lot of images.

Thanks and email me if you have any further queries. It is my username here, then at noaa dot gov

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