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Default Re: Enable audio through HDMI on GT240

Originally Posted by paoleary View Post
*fingers crossed*
thanks for sticking with me on this I had the wrong formatting in my modprobe lines.. that only became obvious when I restarted alsa from the command line, and thus saw the error messages (restart attempt #1 would fail with errors, but restart attempt #2 would appear to succeed with warnings). Once I got that fixed, the modprobe lines did give me different results (1 vs 4 HDMI entries).

Had to re-un-mute the HDMI connection in alsamixer, and then all started to work.

And then that crazy Pulseaudio bug, where the panels refused to launch b/c they were pointing at a sound device (1,7) that no longer existed (really?? they never considered that in the programming and put in a graceful way to handle it???? argh).

Will put it thru the full paces tonite.
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