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Question horizontal lines that make life impossible under X

Hi I'm the new owner of a Dell Inspiron 5150, with nVidia GeForce FX Go 5200, 64Mb of DDR. My machine has a Mobile Pentium IV 3GHz processor and mounts both Windows XP and Linux Debian (Sarge). My monitor is a 15" LCD SXGA+ Screen.

I'm experiencing problems with X... When I use Windows XP or am in the shell at linux startup (I start X with startx) nothing is wrong, but as I start X I begin noticing pretty ugly horizontal lines that intensify with time at the point where you cannot see the screen anymore. This condition is present also on the shell when I exit and there is no solution but rebooting. In this case, though the shell is normal, starting X means getting the problem as you left it. The only solution seems to halt the system and let time pass. Then you can start again and have your 5 minutes of quasi-normal behaviour before the situation becomes unacceptable again.

I also recompiled the kernel severl times with and without agpgart, to no avail.

All pertinent information is in the zip file, if you need more just ask. I need linux... but I need it with X!

Thanks a lot,
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